How a next-generation workflow removes developer roadblocks and streamlines productivity

8:30 PM (PT) - Mar 28, 2023

Flexible and productive - Fireside Chat

When you can build as one team, you can deliver a strong, unified vision for your business. But too often, different workflows across tools and teams require context switching, which can break momentum and slow down the entire software development process. In this session, you'll hear from Michael Yates, Head of Technology at Domain, and Russell Clarke, Engineering Chapter Lead at ANZ, about how you can increase developer happiness and productivity with GitHub Enterprise. They'll demonstrate how building a next-generation developer workflow can enhance and streamline the development experience by using GitHub Codespaces, GitHub Actions, GitHub Advanced Security, and GitHub Copilot together.


Faten Healy avatar

Faten Healy

Senior Manager, Field Services, Corporate, GitHub


Michael Yates avatar

Michael Yates

Head of Technology, Domain

Craig Wilson avatar

Craig Wilson

Platform Engineer, Iress

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Russell Clarke

Engineering Chapter Lead, ANZ