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What gets in the way of developer productivity? For many organizations, things like tech sprawl, lack of visibility from silos, and time-consuming manual processes can prevent developers from focusing on what matters most: shipping new and innovative features. Learn from Mark Huber, Senior Director of Engineering Enablement at Cox Automotive, Andrew Foster, Director of DevOps Engineering at Humana, and Joyce Wang, Director of Software Engineering at LinkedIn, on how shipping new features and product innovations faster helped them meet business goals. Mark, Andrew and Joyce will cover how they removed roadblocks and increased developer productivity in their organizations, and how they're deepening their usage of their developer platform by building an innersource culture.


Dave Burnison avatar

Dave Burnison

Senior Enterprise Advocate, GitHub


Mark Huber avatar

Mark Huber

Sr. Director Engineering Enablement, Cox Automotive

Andrew Foster avatar

Andrew Foster

Director, DevOps Engineering, Humana

Joyce Wang avatar

Joyce Wang

Director, Software Engineering, LinkedIn